The term 3D visualization is used synonymously with 3D graphics, 3D rendering, computer generated imagery (CGI), and other terms. They all basically refer to the process by which graphical content is created using 3D software. It’s a technology that has become mainstream over the last few decades and has evolved into one of the most viable options for producing high-quality digital content.

Before even lim-e was founded, I was creating 3D models for web imagery, press photographs and printed material from as far back as 1998! Today's computing power, combined with the improvements in the software tools to create such models, have sped up the workflow ten-fold. The resulting high quality imagery is now even more convincing than a photo!

3D visualization is not only used for products, but can be very beneficial to obtain a virtual impression, for example, of how an exhibition booth will appear before committing to its construction. In addition, products can be ‘created’ and marketing campaigns launched even before the product is complete. This gives instant feedback on whether the product will, in fact be a success, and allows changes, sometimes fundamental, to be made way before a prototype is cast.

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